What Is Concept Of Entrepreneurship?

Meaning of entrepreneurship and it’s types

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  1. Entrepreneurship is an activity of developing and setting up a business with financial risks.
    What is basically means is launching a new business. People who start new businesses are called entrepreneur.
    Entrepreneurship is classified into 4 main types. They are listed as below:
    1. Small business entrepreneurship: Examples of small businesses would be salon, grocery store, travel agency, etc. These businesses barely make profits. Main aim of small businesses is to make enough to be able to feed their families and keep the business going. These are non scalable type of business.
    2. Scalable startup entrepreneurship: These businesses are funded by venture capitalists. Scalable business is started with a view that it’s vision will one day change the world. Their aim is to discover a scalable repetitive business model. They employ some of the best minds in industry.
    3. Large company entrepreneurship: Large companies sustain through innovating new products around their core products that meet customer requirements. Examples of large companies would be Microsoft, Google, etc.
    4. Social entrepreneurship: It is a business in which entrepreneurs create products and services to solve social needs or problems. They may be non-profit, for profit or hybrid profit.
    You can read https://www.feedough.com/what-is-entrepreneurship-types-importance/ for more information.

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