What Is Democratic And Bureaucratic Leadership Style?

What Is Democratic And Bureaucratic Leadership Style?

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  1. Democratic Leadership
    As the name suggests, democratic leadership style practices democracy. All the decisions are made after taking into consideration all team members inputs. Though the power of decision making lies with the leader, but he or she takes into account what their team members have to say. Such a style of leadership promotes freedom of expression in the team and encourages the team members to be vocal about their opinions.
    The Avengers are a great example of democratic leadership style.

    Bureaucratic Leadership
    Going by the name bureaucratic style of leadership is the one in which leaders generally tend to not accept ideas that are non-traditional. Bureaucratic leaders just like Democratic leaders listen to their team member’s opinions and view but tend to reject anything that does not seem to be in alignment with a set guideline. Such a leadership style may lead to lack of creativity in the team.
    An example of a bureaucratic leader could be Winston Churchill.

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