What Is Employee Turnover?

What Is Employee Turnover?

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  1. Employee turnover or employee turnover rate is the rate at which employees leave or exit from an organization within a specified time period. The time period is generally taken to be 1 year.

    Employee turnover can be further categorized into two types namely voluntary turnover and involuntary turnover.
    1. Voluntary turnover: When an employee leaves an organization at his own will, it is known as voluntary turnover. There could be multiple reasons was voluntary turnover like better job opportunity, stagnant growth in the current organization, etc.
    2. Involuntary turnover: When an employee has to leave the organization because, the organization has decided to terminate the employee, it is known as involuntary turnover. Reasons for involuntary turnover could be employee’s poor performance or company cutting down on it’s employee strength.

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