What Is Interview And Types?

What Is Interview And Types?

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  1. An interview is a conversation to know information about the potential candidate.
    Interviews can be classified into various types.

    On the basis of who is interviewing, it is categorized as below:
    1. One-to-one interview: One-to-one interview is a type of interview in which only one interviewer conducts interview of the candidate.
    2. Panel interview: Panel interview is where there are multiple interviewers who take the interview.
    3. Peer interview: It is a type of interview where employee is interviewed by their supervisor or any other peer.
    4. Group interview: Group interview is a process where multiple candidates are interviewed at the same time.

    On the basis of line of questioning, it is classified into the following:
    1. Situational interview: When the candidate is asked situational questions, it is termed as situational interview. Example would be a question like what would you do if your peer did something unethical?
    2. Behavioral interview: Asking questions to know about the behavior of an individual would be a behavioral interview. Example of a behavioral question would be tell me about a time when you failed at your job and did better later.

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