What Is Questionnaire And Types Of Questionnaire?

What Is Questionnaire And Types Of Questionnaire?

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  1. A questionnaire is a research tool that consists of standard set of questions used to collect information from one or more respondents.
    A questionnaire can be classified into the following two:
    1. Descriptive Questionnaire: It is questionnaire used to determine a specified populations opinion about a particular thing. Questions in this questionnaire are usually focused on how many people participate in a certain behavior or hold a particular opinion.
    Example of descriptive questionnaire would be a questionnaire to calculate the number of people who prefer watching movies at home than at theater.
    2. Analytical Questionnaire: This questionnaire is used to derive relationships between things like to understand why certain situations exist. They are usually used in hypothesis testing.
    Example of analytical questionnaire would be analyze relationship between eating junk food and obesity.
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