What Is Sales Promotion?

What Is Sales Promotion?

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  1. Sales promotion is collection of incentive tools to stimulate quicker or greater purchase of particular products or services by consumer or the trade.
    It is mostly short term.
    Sales promotion objectives can be classified into three:
    1) Objectives for consumers
    a. Encourage purchase of larger sized units
    b. Building trial among nonusers
    c. Attracting switchers away from competitors brands

    2) Objectives for retailers
    a. Carry new items
    b. Higher levels of inventories
    c. Encouraging off season buying
    d. Encouraging stocking of related items
    e. Off setting competitive promotions
    f. Building brand loyalty
    g. Gaining entry into new retail outlets

    3) Objectives for sales force
    a. Encouraging support of a new product or model
    b. Encouraging more prospecting
    c. Stimulating off season sales

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