What Is Startup And Its Types?

What Is Startup And Its Types?

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  1. According to Steve Blank definition of a start-up is “a startup is a temporary organization used to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.”
    What we understand from this is that, a startup is a temporary setup which requires a lot of repeated efforts to be made into a big, scalable business model. Once it is scaled it becomes a small size business with permanent business model.
    Startups generally aim at providing disruptive innovations for a problem being faced. Many people look at startups as a company designed to grow fast.
    Steve Blank classifies startups into six types as follows:
    1. The Lifestyle startup
    2. Small business startup
    3. Scalable startup
    4. Buyable startup
    5. Large company startup
    6. Social startup
    https://www.feedough.com/what-is-startup/ will help you understand what is a startup better.

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