What Is The BCG Matrix In Marketing?

What Is The BCG Matrix In Marketing?

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  1. BCG matrix is a tool used developed by Boston Consulting Group to assess the product lines of a company.
    BCG matrix is a portfolio planning model that classifies a company’s business units into four categories as follow:
    1. Cash Cows: Low Growth, high market share
    These products need replacements because their future growth with be low inspite of the fact that are profit generating.
    2. Stars: High growth, high market share
    These units are leaders in the category as they are have high growth and also highly profit making.
    3. Question Marks: High growth, low market share
    Future of this unit is uncertain as growth rate is high but market share is low. This unit can become cash cows and then stars with right strategies and investments.
    4. Dogs: Low growth, low market share
    This unit holds low market share compared to competitors. They are not worth investing in.
    Here is an article which will give you better clarity on the topic: https://www.feedough.com/what-is-a-bcg-matrix-examples-how-to-guide/

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