What Is The Difference Between CEO And Owner?

What Is The Difference Between CEO And Owner?

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  1. The word owner is a very generic word that can be used not only in business but in every day living. A person, a group or any entity can become an owner of something. He or she is someone who has the exclusive rights to use, hold, enjoy, transfer, benefit-from, convey and even let go of some of his or her properties. Often, owners have an implied prime principle responsibility over a certain program or process.
    A CEO, completely known as the Chief Executive Officer, is a more trivial term. He is the executive that holds the highest rank in the corporate world. He can be equated to an administrator who has a complete on a company or organization with regard to its management. He is the boss himself who reports to only one body, the BOD or Board of Directors.
    An owner’s rights are normally determined by a shareholders’ agreement or Articles of Association, while a CEO’s rights are determined by his or her contract of employment. An Owner owns the company. Owners hold shares of stock in a company, if not owning it outright. Owners can be bought out, but they are not employees and cannot be fired.
    A CEO is an employee of the owner or the board who represents the owners. He or She works for the company and can be terminated like any other employee. A CEO might also own stock in a company and be a part-owner.

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