What Is The Difference Between Entrepreneur And Intrapreneur?

What Is The Difference Between Entrepreneur And Intrapreneur?

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  1. There is a fundamental difference between entrepreneur and intrapreneur, as very obviously an entrepreneur has his own business or what we refer to as startup while an intrapreneur works in an already well established company. This also intends that entrepreneurs have higher risks associated with their business and intrapreneurs have similarly no to zero risk issues in this regard. The formers are the also the owners of the company. They are the most important people who envisions new opportunities, products, techniques and business lines and coordinates all the activities to make them real. On the other hand, an intrapreneur is an employee of the organization who is paid remuneration according to the success of the business unit. They also don’t have an access to take major decisions as he is only responsible for the job he is hired for. An entrepreneur’s job is intuitive as they work to create a leading position in the market, they raise their own capital and are independent unlike an intrapreneur who is dependent on the resources financed by the company.

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