What Is The Meaning Of Object Oriented Programming?

What Is The Meaning Of Object Oriented Programming?

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  1. Object Oriented Programming also known as OOP, is a type of computer programming based on the concept of objects which can contain data in the form of fields and code in the form of procedures or methods. The main feature of object oriented programming is that it enables reuse of objects with the help pf inheritance.
    Following are some of the OOP concepts:
    1. Class: It is the blue print of an object. It defines the common properties of object.
    2. Abstraction: It is process of picking out common features of objects and procedures.
    3. Encapsulation: This is a process of combining elements to create a new entity.
    4. Inheritance: Process of inheriting features of one class to another.
    5. Polymorphism: Using a method in multiple forms.

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