What Is The Role Of A CTO?

What Is The Role Of A CTO?

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  1. Well the role of a CTO depends from one company to another, but yes there are some basic responsibilities that I guess every CTO has. Since they are the head of technological head of a company so they need to monitor technological, social and scientific trends that could influence the company’s business goals. They also need to identify opportunities and risks for the business and participate in management decisions about corporate governance.
    CTOs also play an important role in research and development. Their duty is to research and recommend the most effective content management systems (CMS).They also maintain current information about technology standards and compliance regulations.
    CTOs got to manage research and development of technology, IT assets and associated revenue. They also need to communicate the company’s technology strategy to partners, management, investors and employees. Also, assist with the recruitment, retention, acquisition and sales efforts of the company.

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