What Is The Use Of Google Analytics?

What Is The Use Of Google Analytics?

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  1. Google Analytics is a free analytics service that allows you to analyze visitors on your website in depth.
    Following are some of the uses of Google Analytics:
    1. Automatic collection of data: By copying a simple piece of code, Google Analytics starts collecting data from your website.
    2. Creating customized reports: You can choose from the reports that Google creates or create your own custom report from the available data.
    3. Integration with other tools and platforms: Google Analytics provides an easily usable interface. You can use it not only on desktop but on smartphones and tablets as well.
    4. Measure internal site search: Through this you can determine what customers are looking for on your site and where your site is lacking.
    5. To know demographics of your audience: You can know the age, gender and other information using Google Analytics.

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