What SEO Means?

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  1. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a practice of optimizing content, webpage and website to organically appear at higher ranks in search engine results. SEO helps increase traffic on your website.
    Based on the optimization SEO is classified into following three types:
    1. On-Page SEO: The practice of optimizing content of your website by efficient use of keywords, title tags and meta description tag is a part of On-page SEO. Formatting of the website is also taken care of in On-page SEO for website to rank higher.
    2. Technical SEO: The practice of optimizing the website to make crawling and indexing easy for search engines is part of Technical SEO. In this you specify the speed at which your website should be crawled by the search engine robots.
    3. Off-Page SEO: It includes everything outside of your website. Developing links for your website, sharing of your website content on social media, etc is part of Off-Page SEO.

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