What Should A Blueprint Include?

What Should A Blueprint Include?

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  1. Each set of blueprints should include floor plans; plans for the foundation and information on footings and framing; front, side and rear elevations; roof plan; electrical layout and kitchen cabinet layout; and construction details. A complete set of blueprints will include a floor plan, elevation drawings of each side of the structure, basement or foundation plan, including footings and bearing walls, a complete electrical layout, a framing plan, drawings of all plumbing and mechanical systems. Since each plan has a different scale, contractors are encouraged to make sure they are using the correct scale and that the scale is done correctly on the plans, too. It is quite common for any changes to be done off-scale because they are being done quickly to avoid interruptions in the project. It is clear that blueprints are a cornerstone for the completion of any construction project regardless of how small or big it is. Without an accurate and up-to-date construction plan, it is impossible for the field teams to complete their tasks in a timely manner and avoid wasting time and resources.

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