What Should A Quality Plan Include?

What Should A Quality Plan Include?

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    Quality planning is a part of organization’s overall planning. This planning should synchronize with the functions of the organization. It could be specific or general so that would depend from company to company. Typically it consists of an overview or introduction of the project or process detailing the background, need, scope, activities, and important dates or deadlines. Also it has the organizational structure or org chart detailing necessary team members, including external vendors. It mentions each team member’s responsibilities and qualifications necessary to fulfill stated duties.
    In general it would also have work verification, Supplier standards, a list of qualified suppliers, testing parameters, performance standards and how performance will be documented.
    It will also mention acceptance criteria, deliverables, feedback mechanism for internal and/or external customer feedback, quality control procedures, corrective action and preventive actions, suggested corrective action, required notifications and any references or related materials, including performance ratings or performance reports.

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