What Should Be On A Dashboard?

What Should Be On A Dashboard?

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  1. Starting with basics then your dashboard should have icons, heading, subheading etc. Although there are some other things that you may not obviously know like the ones I mentioned. Your dashboard should have a clear purpose and have things that are important, everything should support your board’s intent. Content is essence when it comes to building an effective dashboard. If you’re not showing useful metrics then it doesn’t matter how you arrange them. Also, dashboards need hierarchy to be easy to scan. Use size and position to give emphasize the most important information and to downplay metrics that need to be looked at less frequently. You shall focus on what makes it attractive, positioning the information on your dashboard logically is essential. Grouping related metrics next to each other makes them easy to find. Make sure your labels are self explanatory, and unambiguous for your viewers. Also, you should try and keep them as short as possible to avoid cluttering up your board and getting in the way of the data.

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