What’s The Best Way To Prospect For New Business (specific) In Today’s Growing Hi Tech World?

I am transitioning into sales from a customer service role, I know my specific business well but now I need to find a few ways to prospect besides the most conventional.

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  1. Hello Mura

    Your question has the answer in it. Since it’s the new hi-tech world, you can’t ignore the technology. Make sure you list your business on Google, create a website and social media accounts, and keep everything updated.
    Make use of CRM software like salesforce to keep your existing customers happy and reach out to new customers using search engine marketing, search engine optimisation, social media marketing and other digital marketing strategies like inbound marketing and content marketing.
    My advice right now is limited but I can help you more if you tell me more about the domain of your business and a brief about what are you up to.

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