Which Type Of Goodwill Is Best?

Which Type Of Goodwill Is Best?

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  1. Goodwill is categorized in two different ways, firstly by their origin whether it is purchased or inherent and secondly by their class i.e., it could be a dog, cat or rat goodwill. When we talk about the former then obviously inherent goodwill is best as it comes with no cost although it may take a longer time to develop inherent goodwill.
    If we speak about the best class, then it would be cat goodwill, one major example of cat goodwill is Apple. Metaphorically cat refers to a homely entity, someone who never leaves home and here it means that this goodwill stays in the company no matter where it’s owner goes or the product changes. Its considered to be best because no matter if there are changes happening everywhere, at least the goodwill will stay safe with brand.

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