Who Cannot Be A Director Of A Company?

Who Cannot Be A Director Of A Company?

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  1. Well Rayon there are rules for everything as you may know, and it totally depends on the fact where you come from, so please try to look for them on search engines. As per my knowledge some basic requirements are there. Firstly, one needs to fulfill the minimum age criteria, in some countries its 16 years. Secondly, a person who is not financially stable or maybe we can say a bankrupt person wouldn’t be allowed to join the board. And lastly, if a person was previously disqualified by court due to reasons like conducting fraud activities, or if a person is found to be the director of any other insolvent company, is found guilty of not abiding by the rules or any other misconduct whatsoever.
    Although these requirements are not same everywhere as I mentioned before, so do check them out before you proceed.

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