Who Is The Recipient In A NDA?

Who Is The Recipient In A NDA?

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  1. Hey Rayon, while explaining the Recipient I would also like to subsequently explain the Disclosing party. When there is a non mutual NDA which implies that both parties are not sharing the information simultaneously with each other, rather its a one way traffic. Examples of non-mutual agreements can be employee contracts or when you’re pitching an idea to a possible investor and want to make sure they don’t take your ideas and run.
    So, there are two parties in this contract one is the Recipient and second the disclosing party. A disclosing party is the one who is sharing or disclosing the confidential information while the recipient is the one who is trusted to keep this information private and safe.
    While In a mutual agreement, such as when two companies are collaborating on a project, both parties are the Disclosing Party and the Recipient Party. Both parties, at some point during negotiations, will be sharing sensitive information with the other party.

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