Why Are Blueprints Important?

Why Are Blueprints Important?

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  1. Blueprints are important for a number of reasons. The most vital in my opinion, is its necessity in life. Normally there would be several copies reproduced and distributed to the various entities involved in the building of the structure, tool, vehicle, etc. Blue prints are also important as a form of evidence to confirm the occurrence of a mistake or crime and someone is to blame. An example might be the laying of concrete. The concrete may need to be poured and allowed to dry in certain regions when the outside temperature is between 40 degrees and 90 degrees. If the foundation cracks later and litigation is an issue, those involved can go back and see what the temperature was on the day the concrete was poured. Then they can check the blueprints to see if this specification was listed in the plans. It may be an over site by the architect or by the contractor. The blueprint process is still used for special artistic and photographic effects, on paper and fabrics. Blueprint process eliminated the expense of photolithographic reproduction or of hand-tracing of original drawings.

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