Why Do Customers Churn?

Why Do Customers Churn?

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  1. Customers churn is a very unavoidable business crisis. Its just like how a flower starts to go dull and eventually die in sometime, you can’t remove this problem but yes you can analyse and reduce it for the good of your business. Firstly you need to if the customers you are targeting for are really your customers and by which I mean that you are clear about your target market and your customer base. Its necessary to attack the right customers otherwise they won’t stick by for a longer period of time. Secondly, there could be a problem with your products or services. It means that customers aren’t satisfied by what they are getting from you, in that case they have alternatives and as an aware customer they would want to switch to an alternate option.
    Again knowing that there is competition everywhere and if you don’t add a value to your product, then the customers would go for another brand which is offering them a better product or service. Hence its very necessary for a business to make the customers value its product.
    And lastly apart from all these factors, we know what highly affects the demand and supply, its price, right?
    Customers would not entertain an unreasonably higher or lower price and that could lead to customer churn.

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