Why Do Hackers Hack?

Why Do Hackers Hack?

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  1. Well they do have motives and sometimes strong motives. Let’s start with something you might already know, which is stealing. How easy it is to steal money if you can hack someone’s bank account and use it for your own good, this is what some hackers do. The other one is also not so uncommon which is leaking information. This could be data and information about your customers, your internal employees or even private data specific to your business. These are cases where hackers typically go after big targets in order to get the most attention.
    Let’s admit it hackers love disrupting services and take something down like infecting a large network with malicious software inserted onto one computer either through email or otherwise which leads to a chain reaction affecting the whole network. Some hackers don’t care about money or data. They seem to feel that they have a higher purpose in life. They want to steal information or disrupt your network in order to make a point.
    And lastly its the ethical hackers and their purpose is to evaluate the security of and identify vulnerabilities in systems, networks or system infrastructure. It includes finding and attempting to exploit any vulnerabilities to determine whether unauthorized access or other malicious activities are possible.

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