Will AI Replace All Jobs?

Will AI Replace All Jobs?

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  1. Can AI do that currently, then no but will it be able to do it in a decade or so then again its a supposable no. We never know what future may hold, although predictions don’t say this as its known that AI cannot inspire teamwork, show passion or exhibit empathy because it has no imagination. After all we don’t want to watch robots in rom-coms, its also said that “People don’t want to listen to robots making speeches, leading the company, or giving pep talks. They do want to listen to robots in conversation making friends or earning our lifelong trust. Nor do they want a robot to do tasks like teachers and nurses. We will end up with the inevitable outcome that large numbers of routine jobs will be eliminated and large numbers of empathetic jobs will be created”.
    So yes, not all jobs will be replaced by the AI, it will majorly replace the job which involves repetitive tasks. Worse to worse there would still be jobs for the leaders, entertainers, writers and more of what you know as empathetic jobs. Research and development would still go on and also the AI developers.

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